Free E-invoice service for B2B which is compliant with Zatca
and will ease organization’s relationship with their customers

Easy Access

Your customers can access your e-invoices easily


Automate transactions with your customers


Custom view to each account payables

What is E-Invoicing ?

What is E-Invoicing: It allows you to create all invoices from your own computer or mobile, simply typing and attaching documents. It is the easiest possible way. from any device. customers document and data management and consolidation (contracts, licenses. etc.). Instant payables claim service management thru an associated chat to every invoice, and also via SMS. Transparent access to state of accounts payables. Transparent access to state of accounts payables.

What makes us different?

E-Invoicing that is compliant with the ZATCA regulations and eliminates manual processes for your accounts payables. It simplifies your administrative management and relationships with your customers. Invoice follow up. real-time interaction with your customers. Document consolidation and management (invoices, attachments. etc.). Compatible with any ERP software. We also offer to finance your business.


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