Peer-to-Peer Lending
For Your Investment

Competitive returns on your short-term investments.

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Register online, provide us with more details about you and accept our consent form.

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Once the information is uploaded, your account is verified, and you will be able to deposit money, to a dedicated account for you.

Select & Invest

You can select the funding opportunities and start investing in POs.


Receive your repayments and profits according to your terms and conditions of each opportunity.

How You Benefit?

Grow your money at higher rates than traditionally investments. Investing with Ta3meed can earn you average net annualized returns between 15% : 20%*

Annual Return Comparison
~1.6% Treasury Bills for GCC
~2-5% Dividends of large corporations (e.g. Cisco)
~12-18% Ta3meed-Average returns for funder/investor*

flexible and short-term Investment
Investments are backed up by government-owned POs
Compliant with Sharia Law as well as KYC and AML, CFT regulations
Very limited correlation to capital market performance

Risk Mitigation

High Credit Rank

KSA government is rated A1 (Moody’s, May 1, 2020) Suppliers are well-rated, reputable multinational manufacturers.

Adequate credit check

Adequate credit screening, KYC and legal due-diligence checks are conducted on all participants, including POs, and payment history.

Secure Platform

Ta3meed Platform and data are protected by bank-level security and state-of-the-art encryption.

Confirmed PO

POs are confirmed by the Saudi government prior to funding, representing a payment guarantee.

Risk Assessment

Credit Scoring

Only approved transactions and participants are offered to financier on the Ta3meed Platform.

SME Legal Due Diligence

All historical records are collected from local credit bureaus Bayan and SIMAH.

Risk Assessment on Distributor and Resellers

Audit financial records and bank statements of the distributor as well as credit history, maturity, and experience of the reseller’s business are reviewed and assessed.

Simple and Clear Pricing

Historical records of POs and the issuer’s speed of payment are reviewed.

Approved and in compliance
with Sharia Law

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